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Welcome to the Keos Engine

Keos is an open source realtime 3D engine written and usable in C++. It is using Direct3D and OpenGL for the render and has a lot of features, more details are avaible in this page. It is actually at the beginning of its development, the next features are describing in the development plan.

The writing of Keos was made to learn the conception of an 3D engine, a big part of the code was thus inspired by some open source engines (YesEngine, Ogre, Irrlicht).

23-05-2007Keos v0.6.0 (Oups)

New release 0.6.0 with keyboard and mouse management (DirectInput) in immediate mode only, buffered mode will be in release 0.6.1.

11-03-2007Keos v0.5.3

Release 0.5.3 with some important features: 3DS model loading, MD2 and MDL model animation, lighting (point, directionnal, spot). The main next release will add the management of mouse and keyboard.

22-01-2006Keos v0.5.0 (Noel) released

Release of the version 0.5.0 which allows the support of vertx and pixel shaders written in Cg. Sources and binaries of the examples are available in the section downloads. Finally the documentation of the API generated with Doxygen is here.

27-12-2005Updated site

Addition of the columns "Features", "Downloads" and "Development". For the moment only the examples of the version 0.4.2 are available in downloading, sources as well as documentation will be available with the exit of the version 0.5.0.

25-12-2005Website is on-line

The Web site is on-line, it stays some more of columns in construction but this one should be available very soon. My English not being very good, if you find errors on the site you can indicate them to me by emails.
Happy Holidays !